European collaborative research and innovation project led by a multi-disciplinary consortium coordinated by Fagor Ederlan.

RADIUS project will develop automotive brake discs based on recycled aluminium alloys.


EIT Awards Nominees December 2020

EIT Awards Nominees December 2020

Cutting-edge solutions to pressing global challenges
Innovation is at the forefront of the Green Deal for a sustainable and competitive Europe and a core element of the European Commission’s post-COVID-19 recovery strategy towards a green and digital future.

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Digitalising material measurement for the mining & metal industry
Arpit Singh Parmar, Project Manager at METHEORE, works on a LaserSieve, a non-intrusive and non-disruptive online 3D solution that enables the mining and metal industries to digitalise the techniques of material measurement. METHEORE enhances the occupational safety standards of the workplace by reducing human exposure to high dust environment and hazards.
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From surface to subsurface exploration
María José Jurado, staff Researcher Spanish National Research Council CSIC, is dedicated to innovation for efficiency in subsurface exploration. Maria works on the INNOLOG innovation project that aims to transfer sensor technologies used in labs and surface exploration to subsurface exploration. The solution will lead to an increase in resource efficiency and environmental impact.
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A digital platform to shake the metals marketplace
Frank Jackel, Co-founder & Managing Director of Metalshub that has disrupted the metals marketplace. Metalshub provides players in the metals industry with a transparent and efficient digital trading platform. Transparent pricing and efficiency reduce trading costs to the benefit of final consumers.
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Giving a second life to steel waste
Manuela Brotto, CEO at OPIGEO, is inspired by an idea of giving a second life to steel waste. The start-up converts waste into new materials for construction and manufactured goods. Offering a “zero waste” service to the steel industry, the team develops geopolymeric formulations to produce hydraulic binders and market their low environmental impact applications.
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